Intel upgrade kit


Intel upgrade kits

Please see below for various upgrade options

New 10th gen processors


Specs include:
  • ASUS H410M LGA1200 mainboard
  • 8Gb DDR4-2666 RAM (32Gb max)
  • Processor - please choose below for options

Intel i3-10100 3.6Ghz      $490.00

Intel i5-10400 2.8Ghz      $620.00

Intel i7-10700 3.2Ghz      $950.00


Add the following:

  • 240Gb SSD hard drive   $99.00
  • 480Gb SSD hard drive   $139.00
  • 960Gb SSD hard drive   $235.00

All kits 3-year warranty


Note: Installation not included. System subject to inspection, but most upgrades are around $150.00

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