Flexirent is our chosen partner for offering lease agreements for equipment, whether it is for a straight rental option or a lease to own option.




Benefits of a Flexirent Lease Options


Conserve your cash

  • With no deposit required, simply pay the first monthly rental payment in advance and put your cash to better use in your business.
  • With a Flexirent Operating Lease you are not restricted by your available cash or credit card limits.

Pay for equipment as you use it

  • Avoid the hassle of being locked into owning and disposing of outdated technology by future proofing your business technology needs.
  • Gain the benefits of using the most up-to-date technology when you need it by upgrading when you need to.

Early trade-up

  • With Flexirent you can choose to upgrade to new equipment at any time, even before the end of your agreement!
  • The process is fast and easy – just call Flexirent on 0800 444 827.

Increase your purchasing power

  • The fixed and affordable monthly expense makes budgeting easy, meaning you can use the extra money where it best suits your business needs.

Flexible payment options

  • Finance on an individual agreement basis with monthly payments, or apply for a FlexiLine credit facility to manage ongoing technology acquisition.


Choose FlexiLine when ongoing technology requirements exceed $10,000 per annum.

  • FlexiLine gives you a choice of both finance types – Operating Lease (rental) or Lease-To-Own (finance lease)
  • Make fast and convenient ‘drawdowns’ as low as $1,000 (incl. GST) against your facility
  • Choose from monthly or quarterly payment options.


Operating Lease (Rental)

Ideal for rapidly depreciating equipment:

  • Payments are an operating expense off the Balance Sheet and are typically 100% tax deductible*
  • Upgrade anytime during or at the end of your agreement.
  • Choose an extension at the end of the term and upgrade when you are ready.
  • Other end of term options to swap, keep and update or own either part or all of the leased equipment.

Lease-to-Own (Finance Lease)

Ideal for equipment you want to retain at the end of a lease:

  • For assets, software and services that have a long usable life and retain their value.
  • Asset & liability - interest and depreciation claimed as a tax deduction**
  • Ownership transfers to you after the last payment is made.


* Consult your tax advisor for details

** Subject to product eligibility